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R Kelly Sex Tape Sex story

The following is a work of fiction regarding sexual relationships. If you
feel that it is illegal, immoral, or otherwise improper for you to read
this, then Don't Read It.

Cynthia Martin

By Morgan, 1991, 2001

Please note the original date. This story was basically
written ten years ago. As a result, you will likely find obsolete
references. I'm afraid you'll just have to live with it; it's too tedious
trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.

This book is part of the Ali Clifford saga and is a sequel to and
much longer than Call Girls. If you haven't read it, I urge you to do
so. Without having read it, the actions in the first few pages will not
make any sense.

Incidentally, you will find occasional entries, word. The reason for
this is that MS Word's Auto Format function puts a word preceded and
followed by an underscore in italics; that's my intent. Similarly, word
results in the word appearing in bold face. If you use Word's Auto Format,
it will take care of things; if you don't, you at least know why it's

More of my works are posted on my site </~Morgan> If you
like it or if you don't please let me know at <morg105829aol.>
My books are now also being posted on <storiesonline> although at
this writing there are fewer of them than on my site.

Chapter 26

The first thing Cindy noticed when she drove on to the property of
Chicago Steel Company were the other two red Mazdas. She had talked with
Dan Burke and he agreed to meet her at the plant. Checking her watch, she
found she was fifteen minutes early. After parking her car, she walked
over to watch a workman signaling a crane operator who was moving scrap.
She stood aside and watched in fascination as very small hand movements
from the flagman were translated instantly into very small motions of the
giant trackmounted gantry crane.

The flagman gave a shutdown signal to the crane operator and started
walking toward Cindy. While still about ten yards away, the hard hat was
lifted off and beautiful auburn hair came spilling out. My God! she
thought. It's Kelly. The girl grinned as she walked over and wiped her
face with her sleeve, spreading a big black smudge on her cheek. Cindy
just stood there shaking her head with a wry grin on her face. "Don't you
think this is taking customer service a bit far?" she asked.

Kelly grinned and said, "I just wanted to see what's under the top layer
of junk. Want to join me?" She flipped Cindy a hard hat and put hers on

They made their way through a narrow path the gantry had cleared and
reached the center of the pile. Kelly whistled softly as she saw what had
been uncovered. The girl pointed out what were obviously parts for steam
locomotives commenting they had to have been put there no later than the
1940's and likely much earlier than that. As they made their way out of
the scrap pile and headed towards the office shed, Kelly told her that the
electric mill was operating on the north end of the property and the
company was currently only handling scrap sales. Arrangements had been
concluded to put in a small electric furnace and test the suitability of
the reworked steel for further processing.

The diversified corporation that owned Chicago Steel was favorably
disposed towards a management buyout of the facility. Although nominally
quite valuable because of its lakefront location, as a practical matter the
facility had been written down to a value of zero on the balance sheet.
Moreover, there were grave hazardouswaste concerns affecting the
salability of the property. As a result, the facility was considered a
millstone around the corporation's neck and its executives were delighted
at the prospect of getting out from under it.

Walking into the shed, Cindy was glad she was wearing a sweater. It was
cold. There were only a couple of electric space heaters trying to warm
the building that was so flimsy it was almost porous to the cold wind
blasting in off the lake. As she entered, Cindy saw April sitting in the
corner going over financial information with a man she assumed to be the
chief financial officer.

A tall brownhaired man came forward with his hand outstretched. "Hi!
I'm Ted Collins and you must be Cindy Martin. I've heard so much about
you." Turning to Kelly he said, "I don't believe I've had the pleasure."

Kelly introduced herself and turned as a cold blast of air came rushing
in when the door was opened again. Cindy saw Kelly's eyes widen as a huge
man came through the door. He was over six four and pushing 250 pounds.
He had black hair, piercing blue eyes and a very friendly smile.

Ted Collins grinned and said, "Kevin, I'm really glad you could make the
meeting. I wanted these folks to meet you." Turning back to Cindy he said,
"I'm very happy to introduce you to Kevin Cavanaugh. I understand from
April you're quite a Bears fan. If you are, I'm sure you recognize the
name." Cavanaugh was the Bear's starting tight end, and was known as a
fearsome blocker. Cavanaugh grinned and shook hands quickly, but it was
apparent his attention was drawn to Kelly.

He walked over to her and Cindy was fascinated by the girl's reaction.
She appeared to be shy and almost fearful. Ignoring the others, he took
both of her hands in his. Then he released a hand and gently moved a stray
lock of her beautiful auburn hair away from her face. "Hi, Irish! I've
been waiting for years to meet you," he said. Then he tipped up her chin
and kissed her softly and gently.

The girl's arms appeared to reach out automatically and link behind his
neck. Electricity just flowed between them. Both Cindy and April were
smiling warmly as they watched.

They both winced a moment later when Kelly stepped back and then slapped
Kevin's face with all her might. "You have one hell of a nerve, you big
ape!" she exclaimed with green fire flashing from her eyes.

Kevin Cavanaugh just shook his head and smiled. "Well, the name is
certainly accurate," he said. "Only an Irish girl would greet her true
love with a roundhouse right." Kelly started to sputter, Kevin began to
laugh, while both April and Cindy were trying to stifle their giggles.

Cindy had never seen the tall redhead look so beautiful. "I'm not sure
it's safe to ask, but where did you two first meet?" she asked.

"I have never met this ape before in my life!" Kelly exclaimed, "but I
did see him drop a bunch of passes in South Bend before Notre Dame gave up
on him and sent him to the Bears."

Cindy found she liked Kevin Cavanaugh very much because he reminded her
of a bigger Dan Burke. Kevin grinned and shook his head sadly. "Is that
the way to speak of the future father of your children, Irish?" he asked
innocently. "The fact is there are a number of the Bears who will testify
that I announced I was going to marry you months ago. I go down to Calumet
City all the time just to see you dance. You're great! And you have a
magnificent body, too."

Suddenly Kelly blushed red as a beet. "Do you mean to say you have seen
me... strip?" she demanded.

"Well, I thought it would help you keep your job if there were customers
in the joint. I thought you were doing it for customers. I mean, you
don't need such a public place to strip just for me. Isn't that the way
you keep your job? Pack the place with customers?" He grinned at her and
asked, "And is this all the thanks I get?"

The others just laughed and Ted Collins told them that, aside from being
a professional football player, Kevin was a metallurgical engineer from
Notre Dame, had his master's degree and was well along in his course work
for his Ph.D. He was considered to be the foremost authority on electric
steelmaking and electricfurnace quality control. Furthermore, he had been
elected to Tau Beta Pi, the engineering equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa.

Kelly murmured, "Oh great! A guy who can only communicate in

Kevin looked at the three women together and quietly whistled. "You
have to be the three most beautiful women in the world!" He grinned at
Cindy and said, "Miss Martin, as beautiful as you are, and in spite of how
much I love blueeyed blondes, I'll have to take a pass. You aren't quite
tall enough for me." Turning to April, he shook his head and said,
"Unfortunately, you share Miss Martin's height problem, and I happen to
know Ron Jackson is a very jealous man." Kevin looked sad as he continued:
"He's won too many games for us this year. I can't afford to destroy his
morale by taking you away from him." He looked at her with his eyes wide
and said, "I hope you're an understanding person, April? Everyone on the
team says you are. You do know, it's just in the interest of team unity,
don't you?"

April's eyes were dancing as she very solemnly said that she appreciated
the great sacrifice he was making. He smiled a beaming smile and said,
"I'm so glad you two girls are so understanding! I guess that leaves me
stuck with Irish, here. At about five feet ten, she's more my size,
anyway. You do have a name, don't you? Something more than Irish?"

Kelly just glared daggers at him. Cindy said, "I'm terribly sorry,
Kevin. I would like to introduce you to Kelly Kathleen McBride. Like you,
she's a graduate of Notre Dame. She majored in English and philosophy and
was elected to Phi Beta Kappa." She grinned and added, "Isn't it wonderful
the way God works? Here she is, particularly strong in the area in which
she believes you're weak. She can even explain the meanings of some of the
big words to you. I think it's neat. By the way, Kevin, have you named
your first six children?"

Kevin looked at Cindy very solemnly and said, "Only the first four.
After all, the mother should have some input, don't you think? I thought I
would let her name the next four and then we'll collaborate on names for
the rest."

Kelly just glared at him and sputtered with rage. Finally, she said,
"Kevin Patrick Cavanaugh, I wouldn't marry you if you were the last man on
Earth! My God! You don't want a wife, you want a brood mare."

The byplay between Kelly and Kevin stopped suddenly when Dan Burke
entered the tiny office. Dan looked around and again noticed how beautiful
all the girls were. He noted there was a new addition to their costume.
All three girls were wearing identical heavy gold link chains around their
necks like slave collars. He had heard the story from Janice. She had had
one made in 18carat gold for Cindy, claiming all slaves should wear
collars. The chain was a wide chainlink necklace that was very heavy
because of the weight of all its gold. Then Kathy Cartwright insisted all
the junior slaves must have slave collars, too. The result was April and
Kathy formed a small club. The catch on their necklaces was engraved with
the ornate letters C and S. Kathy explained with a grin it stood for
Cindy's Slaves. It was presented to every girl who served naked as a slave
at the Stewart's. Dan found out that Kathy, April and Janice split the
cost and they were presented to all of the girls who qualified. He knew
they were worn proudly as a part of the uniform.

April took the lead in presenting the investment proposal to Dan. When
she finished the numbers, he was astonished to hear Kelly giving a detailed
operational explanation of the way the steelmaking operations would work.
In response to a question from Cindy, she said she had worked a couple of
summers in a steel mill during college because it paid so well. That was
when she became skilled in controlling a crane with hand signals. She
grinned and said, "I was always so damned hot, maybe it got me into
stripping. Coupled with the fact that the guys on the crew would work
stripped to the waist and razzed me because I wouldn't."

Kevin said, "Why not, Kelly? You have a beautiful chest. What were you
ashamed of? Or didn't you have your full bust development then?"

She glared at him and continued with the explanation. Ted Collins then
introduced the management team, explaining that Kevin was a critical
ingredient because of his knowledge of electric steelmaking. Cindy watched
with pride as her people made the entire presentation. Dan then proceeded
to comb it out, asking every kind of question he could think of. Finally,
he turned to Collins and asked, "Ted, is this something you and your people
really want to do? Do you or your people have any questions?"

"I don't, Dan. We do have one, though. People: we have enough people
to get started, but I'm a little concerned about staffing up. Do you have
any ideas?"

Cindy smiled and said, "That's not a problem. One of my other officers,
Kathy Cartwright, can line up three full staffs if you ever need that many.
She has a line on top steel men from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany,
Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom. There are some Poles she has
spoken to who can't wait to have the opportunity to make the best damned
steel in the world in the best country in the world!" She smiled and added,
"They are really good steelmen and good workers. Are you interested?"

"Sam Smith can get you up to 500 blacks he'll personally vouch for.
They will work!" April added.

Cindy explained Kathy's language fluency and guaranteed the men would be
ready as soon as they were needed. Then Collins said, "I guess that takes
care of the staff, then. Now all we need is the money."

Cindy said, "The deal we're offering is $500 million. $100 million will
be for 80 percent of the equity; there will be two investors. The
remainder will be bank term debt. Chicago Trust will put up $400 million,
but there's another Chicago bank that may participate with us. You'll have
20 percent for your management team and we will want to know how you're
going to divide it. You'll have the opportunity to increase the management
holding to a total of 40 percent within ten years. How does that sound to

"It sounds like I'm dreaming," Collins replied. "How long will it take
you to line up the money. And where, in Heaven's name, are you going to
find two people to put up $100 million?"

"That's the easy part," Cindy said with a smile. "I mentioned Kathy
Cartwright, who is also in my division. Half of the money is hers. The
other half is coming from April's mother." The bankers smiled as they
watched Ted and Kevin's jaws drop.

Kevin recovered first. He looked at April speculatively with his eyes
dancing and said, "April, maybe I was a little hasty. The more I think
about it, the more I realize you're really not that short. I realize now
I wasn't being fair. A guy should make allowances for the less fortunate.
And hell, a guy can carry this team loyalty stuff too far."

April just frowned and shook her head, but her eyes were dancing with
glee. "You're too eager, Kev... and too late. Now I see you only love me
for my money. I'm sorry. You had your chance and you blew it."

Kevin pretended to be crushed. Ted had recovered by now and was looking
down at the table top, slowly shaking his head. He looked at Cindy and
said, "I don't know what to say. You're telling us that two investors and
a bank are willing to put up half a billion dollars! And the investors are
close personal friends, to say the very least. Wow! What a
responsibility!" He shook his head again and asked, "What's the next step?"

Cindy looked at Dan. "Dan Burke is the best financial analyst in the
business, Ted," she said. "Dan, I want to make the loan. What do you
think the reaction will be in the bank?"

"Instant approval. This is a winwinwin sort of deal. We do something
for the community, for the region and for the people. How can we lose?"

The discussion became more general with Kevin discussing the economics
of electric steelmaking. It appeared they would be able to sell at a
profit with a price just slightly more than half the delivered price of
competition. Then they took a tour and watched through dark goggles as the
electric furnace turned out a small batch of steel. Cindy was impressed
with Kevin's knowledge and, surprisingly, Kelly's.

As they were preparing to leave, Kevin took Kelly in his arms and kissed
her again, soundly. Cindy shook her head in amusement as she saw the
unmistakable signs of the girl's knees giving way. Again, they all winced
at the sharp sound as she slapped his face and stalked away. She saw Kevin
slowly rub his cheek as he watched Kelly move and noted the love in his
eyes as he watched her go.

It was now midDecember and the Bears were playing their last
regularseason game against the Dolphins in Miami. Surprisingly, Jan and
Peter Stewart decided to go down to see it. Because Miami was out of
playoff contention and its stadium was so large, getting tickets was not a
problem. They had chartered a plane and planned to take Dan and Cindy,
along with Susan and April, down with them.

In spite of her size, Cindy thought Kelly looked very cute and woebegone
when she came into the Stewart kitchen early one morning the week of the
game. They were meeting to review the loan proposal in its final form
before sending it forward, but Kelly had arrived over an hour ahead of the
meeting. As usual, Cindy was wearing no clothes and Kelly quickly shed
hers. They sat at the kitchen table with coffee and Cindy waited for Kelly
to say something. It was obvious something was bothering the girl.

Finally, still looking into her cup and idly stirring the coffee, Kelly
said, "Cindy, I have a great favor to ask: Could I come down to Miami with
you? I would be happy to pay my own way."

"Of course you can, honey!" Cindy replied, "but that's not what's on
your mind, is it?"

"It's Kevin," she said softly. "What should I do?" Cindy noticed that
tears were rolling down her cheeks. In spite of it, she looked lovely.
Then she started to cry in earnest. "Cindy, I'm a filthy stripper!
Everyone and his brotherinlaw has seen me, has seen my cunt, and I've
tempted them. I don't deserve a guy like Kevin! But, God, I love him so!"

"How long have you been in love with him?" Cindy asked quietly.

"Since the first time I laid eyes on him," she replied with a bitter
laugh. "In spite of the way I acted and what I said, I always saw him when
he came into the club. He's pretty hard to miss," she said with a tiny
smile. "I think those were my very best nights. Whenever he came in I
danced for him alone. I would think about going to bed with him and having
him make love to me." She looked at Cindy for the first time and said, "I
think our lovemaking will be exactly the same as yours. You and Dan are so
beautiful together! When are you going to get married?"

Suddenly Cindy's face crumpled and she started to cry. The younger girl
took her in her arms and Cindy buried her face in Kelly's shoulder and just
bawled. Kelly just held the girl and could feel her shoulders shake with
her sobs. Their breasts were in contact and Kelly realized what a strange
sensation it was. Both girls were in perfect physical condition and had
very full, firm tits.

Slowly Cindy regained control and said, "I don't know when we can get
married, Kelly. Years from now, I'm afraid. I'm going to be a slave
forever!" Then she brightened and said, "But I apologize. I have him in my
bed every week and the experience is exquisite. I guess I'm better off
than you are." She eased away and looked into Kelly's green eyes and said,
"You're still a virgin, aren't you?"

Kelly's eyes widened for an instant and then she nodded her head. "I'm
a complete virgin, Cindy. I have never had a man anywhere." Then she
looked at her boss and said, "Cindy, I've been thinking. When I come out
here as a slave, I should be paying you. You and Dan give a course in
lovemaking. What amazed me is the way you take him in your mouth and in
your ass. Both appear so easy for you, yet he's so huge! I didn't think
it was possible. You really like it, too, don't you?"

Cindy nodded and smiled. "I sure do! It's funny, Kelly. The first
time I took Dan, it was in my mouth. I think it was almost like doing
penance or something. We used to fight like cats and dogs, and I thought
he was the dumbest banker in the world. Then I found out he's really the
smartest, and I wanted to make it up to him somehow. Then I used to see
Peter Stewart taking Jan in her ass. She actually seemed to love it, so I
insisted Dan take me that way, too." She looked at Kelly and smiled saying,
"Now I want him any way he'll take me. All I know is he can play my body
like an organ. I guess it keeps me in shape. The other thing I can't live
without is sleeping with my head on his shoulder. I just adore it."

Kelly just smiled softly, shook her head and said, "I just can't wait!"

Then the others started to arrive and soon after they began their review
of the lending agreement. While April was concluding the presentation,
Cindy's mind wandered. When the girl finished, Cindy just shook her head
and smiled, although her eyes were gleaming with tears. "You three are too
much," she said finally. "There's not a lending unit in the industry as
good as you are. I just sit around, practice my cooking, and nod wisely
once in a while. I just thought it was about time to acknowledge what you
all are doing."

She turned to Kelly and said, "As for you, McBride, you're receiving a
raise to $85,000 a year. You also get a bonus of $60,000 and a promotion
to vice president." She shook her head and added, "It's a good thing you're
an English and philosophy major and don't know a damn thing about banking,
or I'd be out of a job."

April looked at the girls beside her and then reached across the table
to take Cindy's hand. "Cindy, you're too much. You really are! 'Nod
wisely once in a while' I think you said? Speaking for myself, I didn't
know what a loan was when I started work with you and that was less than
six months ago. Kathy has less time than I do, and Kelly even less than
that. Kathy is the only one with any training." She turned to her friend
and asked, "Kath, how much of your graduate education have you used?"

"Used? You two had a big advantage: You started off knowing nothing. I
had to start by unlearning most of what I thought I knew! All I know about
lending you taught me, Cindy.

"But there's so much more! You know Jane Keller was transferred to the
Trust Division. Did you know she set a requirement for accepting a
transfer? She did. In spite of skipping her from assistant treasurer to
vice president, she would only take the job if she could wear a modified
Special Lending Division uniform. She wears a jean skirt and a jean jacket
along with her slave collar. At the first opportunity she tells anyone who
is interested what it is and what it means. It means she's one of Cindy's
girls! That's the highest distinction in the bank.

"Incidentally, she stood the Trust Division on its ear. She has at
least half of its customers clamoring to be assigned to her, including all
of our very largest. Why? Because she learned from you what customer
service means." Kathy looked into Cindy's eyes and said, "Are you starting
to get the picture? You're the finest senior officer in the whole bank.
How do you measure performance? Loan production? We're tops by a mile.
Loan quality? The next dime we lose will be the first. People? You have
the best people in the bank and they all love you. Promotability? Our
only problem is retention because Cindy's girls are in such demand around
the bank. On the other hand, it takes dynamite and double promotions,
usually coupled with a few threats, to get them to move. Leadership?
Cindy, you're one of a kind. Your people, top to bottom, love you and
worship the ground you walk on. They would follow you anywhere."

April picked up and said, "Cin, I don't think I ever told you this:
Emily Amelia called you a little twit the first day I met her. But before
she died, she told me how much you had changed and what a wonderful person
you are now. She couldn't believe the you so obviously suffered
with no bitterness at all! I came to love and deeply respect that woman,
Cindy. I can only agree that you changed between the time she first formed
her opinion and the time I met you. I guess you know I love you like a
sister, except as I told someone, if you and I were sisters we would fight
one hell of a lot more." There were tears streaming from April's eyes as
she concluded, "I love you, Cin."

By this time Cindy was crying. She looked at April and said, "Do you
remember a promise you made me make to you when you started? You made me
promise to throw your black ass out of the division and out of the bank
when you couldn't cut it?" She straightened up in her chair and said, "Well
damn it, Jefferson, it isn't going to happen. You know why? Because
you're the best damned lending officer in the bank and, while technically
you're deputy division head, we both know you run the whole damned division
in your spare time. April, thank you. The bonus I promised you is in the
works. It will be one of the biggest bonuses the bank will give this year.
I promised, remember? There's still a problem, though. I want yours to be
the biggest bonus in the bank, but Dad and the directors will only agree to
one of the biggest."

Then, with an effort of will, she grinned, dried her eyes, and said,
"Thanks, guys. You're too kind to me. You really are. But what the
hell... It's supposed to be fun, isn't it?"

Kathy smiled and said, "Speaking for all of us, Cin, I don't know if
it's supposed to be, but it certainly is fun working for you." She grinned
and added, "Bill is starting to worry. He says I'm much too eager to leave
his bed in the morning. He thinks I have something going on the side. I
guess he's right, too. I have a goldenhaired, blue eyed dream that I love
to be around. Cindy, you're a lot of fun!"

After the review, Cindy signed the loan recommendation along with April
and sent it along to S. Stratton White, the senior vice president in
charge of the heavyindustries lending group. It was going to him for
information since the present corporate owners of Chicago Steel were his
customers. From there it would go to the Board for final approval. There
was no decision yet with respect to a participation for Northern National.
Cindy had decided not to make a recommendation, but to leave it up to the
Board for a toplevel funding decision.

The weekend in Miami was bright and clear. By now the Saturday
afternoon touch football games with April and Susan playing Mike and Ron
had become well known to the team and around the league. A Bears assistant
coach had made inquiries and the Dolphins had found them a small park with
a field suitable for their game. Because it was sunny with the temperature
in the 80's, the girls decided to buy white bikinis to wear for the game.
Kelly was with them at the store and bought one, too.

When they met at the park, Kevin Cavanaugh was waiting with the guys.
Mike said to Susan, "I'm tired of trying to throw to a guy who's trained to
bat passes away. I want a guy who's paid to catch them for a change."

Sue introduced Kelly who asked, "If that's the case, Mike, what did you
bring this ape for? Notre Dame finally fired him when he couldn't catch
one. But since he's so damned big and takes up half the field, I can see
how he might be useful as a blocker once in a while, though."

When asked, Kelly immediately agreed to play. Susan knew that all of
Cindy's girls were in fantastic physical condition and she had heard about
Kelly and Kevin Cavanaugh. The game shaped up to be fun. The girls
whispered together, and Sue grinned. On the first play, Sue rolled right
after an apparent fake to Kelly who loped out to the left flat. Sue
appeared to get in trouble. Her feet slipped and Mike and Kevin pounced,
but she didn't have the ball. Just then Kelly lofted a lefthanded pass
that reached April running in full stride. She had appeared to slow down
when Sue was in trouble, but then blew by Ron to catch the pass and take it
in for a touchdown. When she scored, there was a great cheer from the
sidelines. Almost the entire Bears defensive unit was there to cheer for
April. The cheers were mixed with whistles because of the beauty of the
girls revealed by their tiny white bikinis. The girls gaily waved to the
sidelines provoking even more cheers.

The afternoon was a long one for the guys. Susan was in Mike's face all
afternoon, disrupting his timing. When he did get the ball away, too often
it had far more loft than he wanted but he had to throw high to clear her
upstretched hands. On one of his lofted passes, Kevin had to stop to wait
for the ball. As he prepared to catch it, Kelly leaped high, batted the
ball with her finger tips and then caught the deflection. She easily
outran Kevin down the field. As Ron was about to tag her, she lateraled
off to April who ran it in the rest of the way for a touchdown. It turned
out Kelly was as adept as April at catching the ball and ran just as fast.
The result was disastrous for the men. Sue had a great time with two
targets to throw to instead of only one. The result was the men's worst
loss of the season: when they stopped the game, they were down by five

As they were relaxing with their beer after the game, Mike looked at
Susan with real respect. He asked, "Sue, I'm serious now. How in hell did
you set up those pass plays? When we were back, you threw in front of us.
When we played tight, you threw the bomb. How in hell did you know what we
were going to do?"

"I didn't," she answered with a grin. "We just set it up the way you
described. If a guy was playing tight, I threw by him and if he was
playing back, I threw short. Isn't that what you're supposed to do?" she
asked innocently.

That night the guys hosted the girls at the girls' victory dinner. Mike
grinned at Kevin and said, "Cavanaugh, welcome to the team. You joined us
just in time to pick up your share of the check. In fact, Ron and I
decided your share is half. We're poor. We have these two vultures for
agents. How would you like to try to live on two dollars a week?"

The girls laughed and Sue said with a sniff, "It's good for you. It
keeps you out of the bars and out of trouble." Then she took Mike's hand
and said, "Because this is a special night, Mike, I'm even making a special
rule. I won't even smack your face tonight. Aren't you lucky?"

Mike grinned and winked. Kevin said, "Thanks a hell of a lot, Sue.
That gives my Irish terror a license to really work me over. As it is, she
has nearly broken my nose and loosened two teeth!" He leaned over and
kissed Kelly gently. He heard her make warm, happy sounds deep in her
throat and then very lightly tapped his cheek with her hand. "What
happened," he asked. "I know damned well you can hit harder than that."

She smiled and looked at him with love in her eyes. "I'm sorry, Kevin,"
she said softly. "That's the best I can do tonight."

The three couples were later joined by Cindy Martin and Dan Burke and
the four couples spent the rest of the evening dancing. Because the game
was not scheduled to start until four o'clock the next afternoon, the men
didn't even have to be back at their hotels early.

The first time Kevin held Kelly in his arms on the dancefloor, it was
like Heaven. She was very light on her feet and just rested her cheek
against his shoulder. Finally he asked, "Are you happy, Kelly?" She just
murmured softly and snuggled against his chest. "I love you very much,
darling," he whispered. "I always have. Do you think you could ever come
to like me? At least a little?"

She looked up at him and her eyes were glowing. "Kevin Cavanaugh, I
have always loved you. When you came to see me dance, I was dancing only
for you. I wanted you to know how badly I wanted you how badly my body
needs you. Like you? Cavanaugh, I love you desperately." Then she buried
her head in his shoulder and started to cry.

Kevin eased her towards a dark corner, stopped dancing and just held her
close while he felt her shoulders shaking. Finally, she looked up at him
and he gently wiped her tears away and asked, "What's wrong, darling? Why
the tears?"

"Because I'm being too easy. You know I'm a stripper and that's at
least two strikes against me. Honey, I really want to sleep with you
tonight. I can't tell you how badly." She tried to smile, but her tears
had started to flow again. "But honey, I'm a virgin. I really
honesttoGod am. I want to save it for our wedding. Do you mind? I've
dreamed of you taking me on our wedding night for years." Then she managed
a small smile and added, "What are the names you picked out for our first
four kids? I already had my four picked out. I wonder if there are any

He grinned and just shook his head. "I thought you accused me of
wanting a brood mare?" he asked with his eyes dancing.

"I did," she replied softly. "I guess it's because that's what I want
to be. Honey, I so desperately want to carry your children in my belly.
She looked at him and just shook her head. "Can you imagine a basketball
team of our very own? With our genes, the kids will all be giants." Then
she winced and rubbed her abdomen. He asked what was wrong and she
replied, "I can see them now weighing twelve pounds at birth. Oh, my
aching birth canal! But what the hell, this way I can buy maternity
clothes in wholesale quantities."

"Maternity clothes?" he asked in mock astonishment. "What maternity
clothes? What's wrong with flour sacks?" He leaned down and kissed her
softly and then harder. Her arms locked behind his head as she crushed her
lips against his.

When he released her she whispered, "I'm sorry! I lost my head. Naked,
barefoot, pregnant, and with at least one child nursing at my breast.
Kevin, I'll love it!" She looked up at him and whispered, "Isn't that a
terrible thing to say?"

He just grinned and slowly shook his head. "I think it's wonderful,
Kelly. I really do." Then he shook his head sadly and it was her turn to
ask what was wrong. "What chance do the poor kids have? They'll be born
with the map of Ireland on their face! By the way, I love the name, Kelly,
for a girl." He pulled her tight and kissed her again. He could feel the
electricity and the love flow between them. God, I love this girl!

The next day the Bears demolished the Dolphins. Mike connected with
Kevin for five passes, three of which he took in for touchdowns. It was
his best game as a Bear, and established him as yet another offensive
weapon. The defense held the Dolphins to just one field goal and were very
annoyed when they got that late in the game with a nearrecord 58yard
attempt. A very happy group of Bears and their fans headed back to
Chicago. Chapter 27

On the Friday night before the Dolphins game John Smith was in the
pantry studying. He had come to love the Jeffersons deeply in the months
he had been working for them. Knowing how bright and wellinformed Mary
and April were, he had vowed to complete his college degree. Tonight was a
very different night at the apartment: For the first time he was alone with
Mary. April had gone to Miami and even Ronnie was away for the weekend.
The little boy had been invited to spend the weekend with Kathy and Bill
Cartwright. Instead of going to the zoo, a movie or the circus, they
planned to spend the weekend walking around the ethnic neighborhoods where
Kathy was so much at home. Quite by accident, they discovered Ronnie had a
facility for languages and loved the strange sounds and smells of the
ethnic neighborhoods. He alternately walked or was carried in Bill's
strong arms. Smith smiled at the thought.

Then he heard a strange sound coming from the library. It sounded like
a woman crying. He thought about putting his butler's uniform back on but
decided against it. Wearing slacks and a sweat shirt, he padded through
the apartment to find out what was wrong. As he moved toward the library
he heard the sounds more clearly. His first thought had been right: It was
Mary Jefferson crying. He found the door almost closed, but pushed it open
quietly with a feeling that he was prying into her personal affairs.
Looking around the door, he saw her huddled in a leather chair. She was
wearing a bathrobe that had opened wide at the bottom fully revealing her
beautiful slender body below her waist. As he watched her long slim
fingers running up her slit, the d sound of her weeping caused his
heart to turn over. She was so lonely and so wanting.

Almost without conscious volition, he went into the library. It was
significant that in spite of his giant size, Mary seemed to be unaware of
his presence as he came towards her. Hearing her d sobs was tearing
him up inside. This woman, more than anyone else, had saved his life. He
would do anything for her, including sacrificing his own life if necessary.

John went to his knees in front of the chair and spread her bathrobe
wider. Gently he stroked her skin. As he knew it would be, it was like
chocolatecolored satin, vibrant and warm to his touch. Gently he stroked
the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs and watched her legs spread wide
for him. He had no clear idea of what to do, so he just continued to
stroke her thighs. In no time he could see her breathing speed up. In
moments, her pelvis started to jerk as his mere touch on her sensitive
flesh was enough to bring the poor woman to orgasm.

Watching, he saw moisture appear between her cunt lips. He thought she
was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was clean limbed and
almost hairless except for a very small dense patch of silken pubic hair.
He touched it with his fingers and found it did feel like silk. Letting
his fingers roam, he gently ran them down her slit, evoking a gasp from the

By now Mary knew what was going on, but was powerless in the face of her
wanting. Without thought she reached down with her slender fingers and
parted her nether lips for him. Revealed now was her beautiful pink slit
and her clitoris, now rigid and waiting. With a soft wordless cry he
lowered his mouth to her crotch and started to lick her slit and tongue her
clit. Whenever he made contact with her clit, she cried out with wanting.

John Smith had never gone down on a woman before. He had grown up in a
macho ghetto culture which held women to be subservient to men. It was up
to the woman to prove her fertility and her womanhood by becoming pregnant.
With welfare, marriage was never even considered. Now with Mary, his world
was turning upside down. He wanted to worship her. Dimly he recalled
reading about tribes in Africa headed by women. In the tribe, the men
served the queen and Mary seemed like such a queen.

He continued to lick her cunt and found it was exquisite. It was so
clean and sweetsmelling, and her juices tasted so good. She came again
and again and again. Finally, as she approached an even higher peak of
sexual excitement, he bit her clit lightly. As her cunt exploded in a
flood of juices, Mary screamed and fainted. Very carefully, he licked out
the juice and chased down every drop. Then picking her up like a baby, he
carried her to the sofa. Then he sat down and rested her across his lap.
After carefully closing her robe, he just held her close and gently stroked
her hair.

After a few minutes, he saw her blink and look up at him with a weak
smile. What came next amazed him. She pulled his head down and kissed him
softly on the lips. It was like no kiss John had ever imagined! It was
soft and gentle, yet filled with unleashed passion at the same time. He
could feel electricity flow between them. Gently she disengaged, got off
his lap, and knelt on the floor between his legs. Then she loosened his
belt and waistband, unzipped his fly and worked his pants off him. John
was shocked when she carefully removed his underpants and released his
giant cock, now in a raging erection. It had been years since he had been
with a woman and the previous events hadn't helped.

She just looked at it and whispered, "John, you're beautiful." Then she
lowered her head and began to worship his sex with her mouth. He couldn't
control himself. Try as he would to control himself, he still had an
involuntary release of semen. Although it embarrassed him, Mary seemed to
relish it, licking it all off the head of his penis.

Then she started to use her mouth as a vagina. She started to move her
mouth up and down on the giant black rod. It was so big around, she could
scarcely get her mouth around it. Nevertheless, she worked with a will.
To his astonishment, she finally had taken him in to his full length, and
began to run her mouth up and down its length. To him it felt like a
vagina except he could feel the suction as she worked on him. He could
feel himself nearing release and didn't know what to do. He would choke
her, he feared.

Meanwhile, Mary was gently kneading his testicles and relishing the
feeling of all of his semen trapped in the sac. When she thought he was
about to explode, she squeezed his balls and started to knead his testicles
hard. He exploded! In spite of swallowing as fast as she could, some of
his cum still forced its way out of her mouth and began to run down her

After what seemed like hours, his pulsations slowed and then stopped.
She rocked back on her heels and looked up at him with a woeful look and
said, "I'm sorry, John. I thought I could swallow it all, but I couldn't.
I hope you don't mind too much?"

He lifted her up like she was a baby and put her back on his lap. Then
he began to lick the cum off the side of her face that her tongue couldn't
reach. "Mrs. Jefferson," he asked softly, "why did you do that? It's not
right for a queen like you to do a thing like that."

She just nuzzled his shoulder and said very softly, "John, thank you. I
apologize to you. I'm sorry you heard me weeping, but I couldn't help
myself. It's been so long over twenty years since I've been with a
man. Tom was a real man and you are, too." She looked up at him and said
softly, "Will you take me to bed now? I had almost forgotten what it feels
like to be a woman. And John, please call me Mary."

John was nonplused. He didn't know what to do. He rose from the sofa
and easily carried her into her bedroom. She shrugged off her robe and she
lay on her bed waiting for him. For his part, he just looked. She was
utterly spectacular as she lay there looking at him. He realized she had
the body of a girl twenty years younger. She lay back on the pillow with
her legs spread and reached out to him saying softly, "Please, John?
Please take me."

He got into bed with her and she took him in her arms. Moving between
her thighs, she put his rod between her legs at the entry to her vagina.
Lifting her hips, she moved her body downward in the bed and partially
impaled herself. He could take it no longer and began to move inside her
very tight cunt. The feeling was like nothing he had ever experienced in
his life before.

Mary was feeling sensations she had forgotten even existed. She started
to move her pelvis in tempo with John as he drove into her and finally
buried his shaft to the hilt. Slowly he started to move in and out of the
woman. In almost no time at all she was reached her first orgasm, then a
second, and a third and a fourth. Soon, Mary realized her body was
drenched in sweat as her muscles moved out of control. Finally, she went
over the crest and could feel a flood of hot semen flood her vaginal

When they recovered, she kissed him slowly and lingeringly. Then she
asked him, "John, could I try something April told me about? It's the way
the Stewarts always go to sleep. Mrs. Stewart puts her head on Mr.
Stewart's shoulder. He cups her tit with his hand, and she just snuggles
close. Could we try it?"

It sounded like fun to the big man, but beyond that, he was incapable of
saying no to Mary Jefferson about anything. They turned out the lights and
she rested her head on his broad shoulder. When his hand cupped her
perfect breast, she just made warm sounds of pleasure. In moments, they
were both asleep.

With the late start of the Dolphin's game, it was long after midnight
when April returned to the apartment. Ronnie was going to be brought home
by Kathy Monday morning on her way in to the bank. The apartment was dark
as she opened the door, but she heard sounds from her mother's room.
Making her way quietly, she found the bedroom door ajar. She saw her
mother on her knees taking John Smith's enormous cock in her ass. The
noises she was hearing were sounds of intense pleasure. Smiling, she
carefully closed the door. Her mother was happy again at long
last. Chapter 28

When the Stewarts and Cindy returned home to Deerfield, there was a
package waiting for Jan from the bank. She opened it and flipped through
the material. Most was routine, but there was a sealed envelope for Cindy
which Jan passed over to her. Cindy opened it and scanned it quickly. It
was from S. Stratton White, saying that the loan to Chicago Steel had been
turned down. He indicated he would be available to talk about it at two
o'clock Monday afternoon. Cindy was furious as she got ready for bed.

The next morning she confirmed her meeting with White for two o'clock
and then called April and Kathy. She asked them both to be ready for the
meeting. Cindy was starting on her chores around the house she could
now do everything in about an hour when Jan asked her what she was going
to wear for the meeting. Cindy was taken aback. She hadn't given it any
thought at all. "Are you suggesting our uniform might not be appropriate?"
she asked. Then she just shook her head and said, "It doesn't really
matter much; I don't have anything else to wear, anyway."

Jan grinned and disappeared, returning a few minutes later with a lovely
blue dress. "Try this on, Cin," Jan said. "I think the color will look
good on you."

As usual, and despite the fact that it was almost the first day of
winter, Cindy was naked. She slipped the dress over her head and Jan
zipped it up for her. Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw the color
exactly matched the blue of her eyes. She smiled at her image in delight,
but then frowned. "Where did this come from, Jan?" she asked. "I can't
recall ever seeing you wear it."

"It's something I picked up for my older sister, Cin," Jan replied
softly. "Since it's early in the day and your brain isn't functioning too
well yet, she is you." Smiling warmly she added, "Pete and I don't know
what we're going to do when you leave. You've spoiled us, you know.
Cindy, you're the most giving person we have ever seen or heard of." Tears
came to her eyes. "Honey, I wake up sometimes crying. I think of what I
did to your glorious body. You'll carry those scars forever, and it's all
my fault. Can you ever forgive me?" Now Jan began to cry in earnest.

Cindy took the woman in her arms and held her close, whispering, "Jan,
Dan and I talk about it, too. He touches the scars and I tell him how
happy I am that they're there. Without them I would still be in the
running for the title of the world's most obnoxious bitch. Except I
probably would have retired the trophy by now. Darling Jan, you changed me
for the better. I'm still skeptical, but a lot of people are saying they
think I'm pretty nice now. I just hope they aren't all wrong."

Then she eased Jan away from her and grinned. "But if you don't turn
off the damned waterworks, you're going to get tears on my beautiful new
dress. Then I'll really kill you," she said. "You know something?
There's something to be said for being naked all the time. I never have to
worry about tear stains."

Jan worked on Cindy's hair and fixed it the way Henry Hall had done it
months earlier. When she was finished she grinned at Cindy and said,
"Slave, you cheat!"

"What did I do now?"

"You're using makeup. At least, you're using two bobbypins which are
practically the same thing," she replied with a grin. "Cindy, Henry Hall
said it all. Your hair is truly exquisite and all you do is wash it, brush
it, and hold it in position with just two dumb pins."

Cindy frowned and then shook her head sadly. Running her fingers
lightly over Jan's golden hair she said, "Oh, the poor girl! Jan, you're
right. If your hair were not the color of newminted yellow gold, if it
didn't have its glorious body and wave, and if it didn't straighten itself
when you just look at it, it would be dull, mousy and uninteresting. You
poor thing!" She rose and hugged Jan saying, "Janice Stewart, I love you
very much!"

Cindy then called the other girls and told them she was wearing a dress
that day for the meeting. When she was ready to leave, she was a vision.
She was delighted that the neckline complimented the only jewelry she was
wearing, her gold slave collar. When Jan asked her about it she smiled
warmly and said, "It reminds me of whom I belong to."

Driving into Chicago, Cindy focused on the upcoming meeting. She hadn't
seen Stratton White since the fateful day in what was then Horace
Paterson's office. White was one of the division heads Paterson had
brought into the bank. She remembered that she had considered him to be
the model corporate lending officer at the time. Then she reflected on the
way her opinions were now 180 degrees away from what they had been in the
spring and wondered what the meeting would be like.

April and Kathy were waiting for her in her office. She looked at the
two girls and began to laugh. "You two should see yourselves," she
giggled. "You look like two 8thgraders going to their first dance with
boys. Two girls who are far more at home in jeans, finally putting on
dresses for the first time!"

The girls looked sheepish and then grinned back. Both looked like they
could pose for a bank advertisement showing female lending officers at
work. Kathy was wearing an expensivelysimple gray wool dress, while April
was wearing a tan cashmere suit.

Cindy thought of the image and started to laugh. When April asked what
was so funny, Cindy said, "Just look at us. We could pose for a bank ad
for affirmative action or some such bullshit. Three women: one black, one
Oriental, and one white." She laughed and said, "I ask you?"

The girls looked at one another and then joined in her laughter. April
smiled softly and said, "Cindy, you do know that's what we love so much
about you, don't you? I really haven't thought about being black or even
female since I started to work for you. I'm convinced that you don't know
or care. You care very deeply about the kind of job I do. I have learned
more in six months or so with you than I could have in ten years anywhere
else." Even though there were tears in her eyes, she smiled and said,
"Cindy Martin, you're just plain great!"

Kathy said, "I don't know about that! I admit you're senior to me,
April Jefferson, but what have I received from this deal? I mean, after
all, I do have an MBA. All I have to show for my four months is a
vicepresidency, a husband who I adore and who adores me, a few hundred
million dollars, and an incredible family. Where are all the benefits we
were supposed to get? I'll never be a success at this rate!"

Then her expression changed and she said, "Cindy Martin, it's all your
fault, too. I have one question, though. Bill asked me about it. We want
to name our first child after you but Bill and I agree that Cynthia would
sound a little strange as the name for a boy, even if the poor kid is going
to be EurasianAmerican to start with." Then she appeared to brighten and
said, "On the other hand, odds slightly favor it being female and Cynthia
Cartwright would be a lovely name for a girl, don't you think?"

The girls went up to the HeavyIndustries conference room. Cindy was in
the lead and was the first to see Stratton White. When she did, her
stomach turned over. He now appeared to be overweight, obsequious, and a
man who hid behind committees in short, all of the things she had come
to detest.

She shook hands and was introduced to the group of people he had
assembled. In addition to all of his senior executives that she expected
to be present, there were representatives from Public Relations and
Community Relations. White was seated at the head of the table with all of
his people sitting down the table to his left. They reminded her of a
group of penguins arrayed in their pecking order. She sat between April
and Kathy to his right, and across the table from his staff.

He began the meeting by sliding the loan recommendation down to Cindy.
He smiled a hearty smile and said, "Cynthia, I'm sure it's obvious to you
why this proposal cannot be approved. It's ridiculous. It makes no sense
at all."

"It is not obvious to me, Stratton," she replied coldly. "Suppose you
tell me why you feel it makes no sense."

"Well... I mean... What will the other banks think? What will the
mayor think?" Then looking at her meaningfully, he added, "What will SHOVE

April Jefferson replied, "Why do we care what other banks think?
They're competitors. What does the mayor know about anything besides ward
politics? And who gives a damn about SHOVE? Mr. White, perhaps you
should know that my mother threw him out. Civilrights leader? Hah! He's
great at enriching himself at the taxpayers expense." Cindy glanced at the
girl and saw that her eyes were steely as she continued, "Suppose you tell
me what the bank should do?"

"Well," he said with an expansive smile, "That's easy, and it's what the
bank is going to do! We're joining the SHOVE consortium that's going to
reopen the entire steelmaking facility. It's going to provide jobs for
welfare people, maintain our city's steelmaking capacity..."

"That's bullshit, Mr. White," Kathy Cartwright interjected. "What you
mean to say is you hope to line up government guarantees and at least get
an origination fee out of it. We both know there's no chance of operating
the steelmaking side of that facility again, ever!"

White had recoiled at Kathy's statement. "Who in hell are you, young
lady? I expect an apology, immediately!"

Cindy began to laugh and shook her head. "I wouldn't do that, if I were
you, Strat. Who is she, you asked? Her name is Katherine Chang
Cartwright. She may be the largest depositor the bank has. If it's not
her, it's her sister, Jennifer Chapman, or her other sister, Janice
Stewart, or possibly her mother, Allison Clifford. Let's just say she's
directly related to the ownership of about 96 percent of the bank. Now
what was that about an apology?"

The man turned gray, verging on white. He just sputtered. Just then,
Homer Biggs from Community Affairs said, "But we have to back SHOVE! If we
don't, they'll picket the bank. They're standing by and their pickets will
appear at three o'clock unless I call Horace and tell him we'll go along. I
have to call within the next ten minutes." The man was so nervous, he was
visibly sweating.

As he was speaking, the door opened and Dan Burke came in. His first
words were, "Then I guess we'll have some people picketing outside, won't

Turning to White he said, "Sam, we're making Cindy's loan. The board of
directors unanimously approved it this morning." As he was speaking, he
stood behind Cindy's chair and started gently to massage her neck, although
his fingers were hidden by her long hair. She was stunned. She knew from
his first words that the speaker was Dan, but with his strong hands holding
her she was unable to turn around to look at him.

Dan continued, "Sam... I should apologize, Sam. I know you like S.
Stratton these days, but to me you'll always be Sammy. Anyway, your
actions over the last couple of days have cost you all your jobs. Don
Martin and I were wondering what you folks... all of you folks... have
been doing for a living lately. Now that we find out, we don't like it at

"Sam, do you realize the profit from Cindy's division substantially
exceeds your gross divisional revenue? It does. Don and I are old
fashioned. We believe in backing winners, so let's look at the track
records, shall we? First, loan production: Starting from zero, her loans
for the last six months exceed your total for the last three years. Loan
quality? The next dime we lose on one of hers will be the first. I don't
want to embarrass you by talking about yours. People? Cindy has the
finest staff in the bank. Every person was handpicked and personally
trained by her or her senior deputies who are here with her today. They
tell me she trained them personally.

"When one division head attempts to overrule the decision of another in
the other's field, he's sticking his neck out. He had better be right!
Sam, you couldn't be more wrong, so you're finished as of today. You may
clean out your desk now. As for public relations and community relations,
Cindy handles those in her spare time with no additional effort. She just
performs. Therefore, gentlemen, you're also expendable." Turning to Biggs
he said, "Homer, maybe Horace Washington will give you a job. I hope so.

The heavyindustries people and the others filed out of the room in a
state of shock. April winked at Dan and left with Kathy, leaving Cindy and
Dan alone. He pulled up a chair beside her and held her hands.

She looked at him and tears were streaming from her eyes. "Who the hell
are you, Daniel Burke? What just happened here?" She reached for him and
he lifted her onto his lap. She nuzzled his shoulder and softly sobbed
while he stroked her hair.

Finally she looked up at him and he said, "Cindy, will you forgive me? I
guess I have been terribly mean. The fact is I'm executive vice president
and chief lending officer. You have been working for me for quite awhile
now. I just didn't want you to know it. Do you mind terribly?"

Her eyes glinted as she said, "Do you mean to say that all my work
trying to find an inexpensive apartment has been wasted? You're really
making enough to support a wife? You have been all along? Even when I
bought dinner, and felt sorry for you when you walked all the way out to
the house because you spent all your money on my flowers?"

"Honey, I have never lied to you," he protested. "I really did walk out
because I didn't have any money." He grinned and said, "I didn't tell you
there was none in my bank account, though. I really did spend all the
money I brought."

He kissed her lovingly and added, "As for the rest, you've been doing
such an incredible job all by yourself. I thought it would be a boost to
your selfconfidence for you not to ask me for advice. Do you really

"Not really, Daniel Patrick Burke," she replied with an impish grin.
"Just remember, though, I will get even. I don't know how or when, but I
will. Bet on it!"

Just then the conference room phone rang. She answered it and found it
was a call for Dan. He picked it up and in a moment his face turned
serious. He said, "Just watch the doors. I'll be right down."

Turning to Cindy he said, "Biggs didn't lose any time. Washington and
his pickets are starting to gather across from the bank right now. The
first television news crew just arrived."

When they reached the lobby, through the glass doors they could see
numbers of people gathering across the street with professionallyprepared
picket signs. Then they saw something else: People of all types were
starting to gather in front of the bank. They just stood and faced the
pickets across the street. As Dan and Cindy watched, the crowd continued
to grow.

Across the street from the bank's main entrance, Conrad Jensen, the
evening anchor for Channel 7's Eyewitness News program, was at his
microphone. He was describing the unfolding events. They were taping, but
an engineer was standing by in the newsroom at the studio prepared to
interrupt regular programming with a live report. He had just finished
describing Horace Washington and his SHOVE people, and said they were about
to move into position to surround the bank.

Then he noticed a change. Speaking into his microphone, he said,
"Something very strange is going on here in front of the headquarters of
Chicago Trust. People hundreds of people are gathering in front of
the bank. More are arriving as I speak to you. I have never seen anything
like it. They are people from all walks of life standing shoulder to
shoulder and surrounding the bank. They look like... like they're
protecting it!

"Wait! I see a group of very big men all wearing Chicago Bears warmup
jackets. I recognize Mike Cassidy, the quarterback, but he has a lot of
company. I see steelworkers, mechanics, grocers... Folks, I don't know
what's going on! These can't be customers of this bank. Jane Edwards is
here with me and is moving in the crowd. Jane, can you hear me? What's
going on?"

The picture cut to Jane Edwards, a Channel 7 reporter, standing with
Henry Kwan, the Korean grocer. She said, "Conrad, I'm here with a man
named Henry Kwan. He's a Korean immigrant who claims to be a depositor at
Chicago Trust. He's here to protect his bank. Mr. Kwan, why do you call
it your bank?"

Henry Kwan was very dignified as he replied, "Miss Martin and Miss
Jefferson trusted me. They loaned me the money I needed to expand my
business. They are friends of small business. Miss Martin is a division
head and Miss Jefferson is my lending officer." He beamed with pride and
added, "She was recently promoted to vice president. My family is very

"But Mr. Kwan, Chicago Trust doesn't lend to small business people. It
only lends money if you don't need it... if you're rich. Horace
Washington says..."

She was interrupted by Sam Smith who towered over her. He said, "Horace
Washington doesn't know (bleep)! That's wrong: He sure knows how to take
care of Horace Washington." He looked at the reporter and said, "You're
Jane Edwards, aren't you?" She nodded and he continued, "My name is Sam
Smith. I served time for armed robbery. I'm sure not proud of that fact,
but I sure am proud of April Jefferson, Cindy Martin, and the whole damned
Chicago Trust Company. Would you lend money to an excon? They did."
Tears came to his eyes as he said, "Do you know what just happened? I'm
now a trust customer of the bank. They're managing my retirement plan.
Can you believe it? An excon with a bank like this helping me set up my
retirement? And they really are!"

Edwards was visibly shaken. She moved to where she had seen Bears'
warmup jackets. She found Charley Hodgins, the giant 290pound defensive
tackle of the Bears, and introduced herself. She asked why he was at the
bank. With the camera whirring he said, "Because it's my bank. My bank
officer is April Jefferson." He beamed and said, "She's my agent, too.
She's really taking care of me and so is the bank. I heard they needed
help, so I came down."

Just then the SHOVE group started to cross the street to where
microphones had been set up for the "spontaneous" demonstration. The group
around the bank building gave way only enough to allow Horace Washington to
reach the mikes. He didn't know that his supporters, many of whom were
being paid to come out, failed to follow, so when he began his speech he
realized he was completely surrounded by unfriendly faces. His eyes
widened as he realized his people were still across the street. As he
watched, some put their signs in nearby trash bins and started to steal
away from the scene.

But Horace Washington hadn't worked himself into his present position by
walking away from a fight. Whatever else he was, he was not a coward. He
began his speech: "Today we're here to protest the racist, elitist lending
practices of Chicago Trust Company. This bank deals only with the rich.
The people of Chicago made this bank. What has it done for the city
lately? All it does is hold the money made by generations long dead for the
benefit of people who are the parasites on our economy. They just take
they never give!

"We wanted them to help with the reopening of Chicago Steel's great mill
on the lake. Would they help? No! Would they talk with us? No!"

Washington was standing with his back to the building, facing the TV
cameras on news trucks p

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

R Kelly Sex Tape Sex picture

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

R Kelly Sex Tape Sex story


All stories in this archive are the property of the author.
They may be downloaded and read by private citizens. They
are not to be used by commercial web sites. Persons using
this material on commercial sites will be vigorously pur-
sued by the "hounds from hell," or my legal team, whichever
is deemed necessary. These stories were written for adult
entertainment and should not be accessed by children.

Sabah at the Ball (MC, Fdom, preg, Rom)
By Homer Vargas

A sequel to "Sabah and Rod" Rod's Mistress deals with
some jealous rivals at the ball.

Proofread and edited by Pet Tigress. Any remaining errors
are my own.

Rod slowly pulled himself back to exhausted
consciousness. He smiled weakly, knowing why he felt
dissipated in this way. Sabah had Fed again last night.
It was getting familiar. A Feeding was like an attack of
malaria, he mused, several days of dreamy lassitude, then
a gradual recovery to normal. But even if it were
possible, Rod had no desire to be cured of these attacks.
First, because he knew he was pleasing Sabah. More than
pleasing her, he sustained her. Her very life depended on
the sexual energy she absorbed from him during that
orgasmic fury. That was wonderful knowledge: his
beautiful, sexy, marvelous Mistress needed HIM.

Then too, during his recovery Sabah would spend the days
pampering and coddling him. Lovemaking with Sabah would
be especially gentle and even more frequent. And he knew
she would let him loll for hours, drinking from the
fountain of her self as he worshiped and pleasured her.
Her cum nourished him, she said. Sabah was very excited
about this discovery and said it made their relationship
more symbiosis than parasite-prey as with her previous

Finally, the Feeding itself was never less than
wonderful. He enjoyed making love with Sabah morning and
night (and when she was feeling frisky, during the day,
too). But ordinary sex was nothing compared to a Feeding.
She always made it special.

He still remembered the one a few months after coming to
live with her. It was typical, if any one of a series of
unique adventures can be said to be typical. He never
knew exactly when a Feeding would take place, although of
course he knew that Sabah seldom went for more than three
or four weeks without one. Thus he was expecting nothing
extraordinary when she called him to their bedchamber
early one evening.

Perfectly posed and perfectly naked, Sabah sat smiling on
the edge of her bed, the bed she let him share. A long
green gown that would hug every inch of her perfect body
lay beside her. An emerald choker Rod had never seen was
on the dressing table nearby. Her dark hair was piled
high on her head. She was preparing for an evening out.
Rod was struck by her beauty and felt regret that he
could not accompany her wherever it was she was going.

"It's the Winchester League Spring Charity Ball tonight,
my sweet," she said reading the question on his face.
"Will you help me dress?" Not needing to wait for his
reply she nodded to indicate the pair of high-top
stockings he had overlooked. Unquestioningly, Rod took
them and, dropping to his knees before her, began to tug
and roll the delicate fabric up her long firm legs. As he
neared the crotch the aroma of her arousal overpowered
him. He looked up at her with the unstated petition in
his eyes.

"Of course, you may, my darling, at least for a few
minutes." Rod's joy knew no bounds as he thrust his head
between Sabah's luscious thighs and drank deeply of her
essence. Sometimes Rod did not know which form of worship
was best. This had the advantage of being more selfless,
not that HE did not enjoy bringing Sabah to climax with
his mouth and tongue, and he could prolong it for hours.
Yet, ultimately he had to prefer what she did, and no
matter how many time he got her off otherwise, Sabah
ultimately loved to be penetrated, long, hard, repeated
thrusts of his cock into her vagina. Perhaps it was the
only time, if only for a few seconds, but when he was
pounding hard into her, she totally lost control.

Unaware of when she bid him stop, Rod was suddenly
conscious of Sabah's face smiling down at him. "Time for
me to finish getting dressed, my sweet. I can't let you
make us late." She waited just long enough to detect his
happiness as he understood the meaning of her words.
"Your tux is on the bed, sweetheart," she laughed. "Did
you think I wanted to spend a night around a bunch of
stuffy high-society types without you, my love?"

Now it was Sabah's turn to marvel as she cast admiring
glances at Rod while she finished slipping into the gown
and matching heels. She had stripped Rod of all shyness
before her, so he disrobed and began to dress with the
natural grace of serpent changing its skin. She loved to
look at his hard naked body, the firm jaw, the black
curls. In her centuries of existence, she had never had
such a slave and lover.

Since he had come to live with her, she had put him on a
weight training and high protein regimen. A few pounds of
office flab had been replaced by several more of hard,
lean muscle. Sometimes she could not believe her luck
that his beautiful, intelligent man was hers. Her need
had been so great the night of the storm, she would have
settled for far less. But when she saw him fully dressed
in the evening attire that just hinted at the hunk hidden
within, she found herself humming, "Someday My Prince
Will Come." Hers had.

"Here are the keys, darling. Take us to the ball."

Sabah was glad she had kept and lovingly preserved the
old Lincoln. The wide bench seats were perfect for
scroonching close and laying her head in Rod's lap like a
happy cat. As he drove the beautiful old car along the
twisting mountain road toward the little county seat, she
resisted the urge to open his fly and suck the erection
she felt in his pants. She was saving that for later. His
gentle stroking of her hair and neck had almost put her
to sleep when she felt him decelerate and enter the
winding street of the old town on what had been the
Virginia frontier.

Although the town was perhaps 1500 feet lower than her
property up in the Blue Ridges, the sun had set and an
early spring nip was in the air. The old stone country
club had been torn down and replaced by a faux-Classical
Revival building that Sabah hated, but tonight it was
blazing with light that illuminated the surrounding
grounds. Sabah threw her fur around her shoulders and
waited for Rod to open the door. A valet took the car as
they made their entrance.

Rod was too happy being with this wonderful woman to be
conscious of the impression the couple made on the
already gathered guests. It would not have occurred to
him that every man in the room envied the man at the side
of this spectacular woman. Sabah was well know in the
little town, but no one could remember seeing her like
this, brimming with life, scintillating sex appeal. And
who was the tall muscular young man with her? Nor would
Rod have suspected the depth of instant jealousy the
other women felt when the saw Sabah and their husbands'
reactions. What had SHE done to deserve an Adonis like
him? A thousand generations of feminine intuition told
them the young hunk was totally infatuated with the older
woman and that Sabah had him fucking her silly.

"Sabah! Good to see you," boomed the friendly voice of
Charles Landsworth, Chairman of the League. "Glad you
could come." Melanie, Charles's wife, was drifting their
way, a slight scowl on her face.

"Good evening, Charles, Melanie," Sabah greeted them.
"I'd like you to meet my new friend Rod." Melanie lifted
an eyebrow. The pleasantries continued, but Sabah didn't
miss Melanie's judgmental attitude. She could almost hear
the sarcastic remarks the blond trophy wife would have
liked to make, 'He's a little young for you, isn't he?'
'Where did you pick him out, in a sports bar?' as well as
the one she would never have verbalized, though she was
dying to know, 'Does he fuck as good as he looks?'

Sabah was tired of Melanie. She had tried to be friendly.
She had been truly happy that Charles had found someone
so soon after his first wife's death. Sabah guessed that
the young woman had seduced him, but Charles seemed
happy. Sabah understood perfectly well that Melanie was
jealous of Sabah's independent standing in the community,
while she lived only in Charles's reflected glow.

Sabah also suspected Melanie secretly regretted giving up
her exciting, if poorly paid life as a junior lobbyist in
Washington for the financial security of Charles's money,
which she spent with abandon. But understanding Melanie
did not make her any easier to stomach. Sabah
particularly resented Melanie for not realizing what a
treasure she had in Charles. When she allowed herself to
pick up impressions, Sabah had confirmed what his face
showed: Charles totally adored his new wife even though -
and this had been a surprise to Sabah -- she eyedroppered
out the sex to her still lusty husband.

Melanie definitely had her clique. Sabah noticed that the
group of Melanie's snooty friends, Agatha Witherspoon,
Grace Chriswell, Darlene Simms, and Marjory Gresham,
avoided Rod and her throughout the before-dinner
cocktails. She noted the slight aura of hatefulness
around the group. Maybe the time had come to do something
about that, she grinned.

Soon the crowd was called to their seats. Just as Sabah
and Rod were to sit down, Charles came over to take Sabah
to the head table. "I have no idea what this is about,
honey," she whispered to Rod as Charles led her away. As
she took her place at her place to the right of the
Chairman, everyone applauded.

Rod could see on Sabah's face that everything was a total
surprise to her as it was even more to him. He only
understood after dinner when the Chairman announced that
Sabah Noor was being recognized as Winchester's "Citizen
of the Year." Rod knew of course that his Mistress was an
amazing woman, but he had no idea of all her civic
activities. Not only had she donated considerable sums to
many worthy projects and served on many committees, but
she also volunteered at a nearby hospice. One of the
sisters stood to give an emotional testimony of how Sabah
had an almost magical power to calm and cheer the lonely
dying people. Rod found himself choked up with joy and
pride for his marvelous Mistress. He noticed, however,
the group of Melanie and her fiends in one section of the
hall who only looked on sullenly. Sabah noticed as well.

Sabah's acknowledgement was brief and tinged with self-
deprecating humor, but Rod had no doubt she was genuinely
touched by the community's gesture. "So thank you all
again," she said in closing, "but if I'm not mistaken,
this is a ball. So, Let's DANCE!"

Nodding to the orchestra that struck up a slow waltz,
Sabah walked to the center of the empty dance floor. A
nod in his direction told Rod what to do. Although
embarrassed, he rose and made his way among the tables to
Sabah's side. The embarrent evaporated the moment she
slipped into his arms. For several long seconds the
entire gathering was struck silent by the stunning older
woman and the handsome young man gliding around the
floor. The dance was perfectly proper, but the two bodies
moving as one seemed to generate an erotic field around

One by one, other couples began to join them on the floor
and soon the room was filled with happy, laughing
husbands and wives, some of whom hadn't danced together
for years. As if by magic, however, feet remembered dance
steps long thought forgotten. Wisely, the band kept to
tunes from ten or twenty years earlier, when the mostly
middle age crowd had been dating. Everything was going
according to plan, Sabah smiled.

"Huh?" Rod realized he had been so caught up in the
sensuous pleasure of dancing with Sabah in his arms, he
had not quite heard what she said."

"Never mind, love. We're going to mix things up a little.
Just tell that to all the women you dance with and the
other thing to Melanie."

"Tell what?" he asked, but Sabah had already slipped away
to invite Charles to dance. Rod grinned at Melanie's
obvious displeasure as he offered his arm to one of her
friends who, like Melanie, had not joined in the dancing.
It was Agatha Chriswell, a plump but pleasant looking
woman; pleasant-looking if she didn't have that superior
expression on her face, Rod thought.

The band had been playing a Western Quickstep, but
dropped the pace to something slower as the mixed couples
got the feel of each other. Rod murmured something to
Agatha and she quickly felt comfortable in his arms.
Well, more than comfortable. Rod was surprised and a
little dismayed as the woman began to press herself
against him more and more tightly. When he felt her
actually start to grind her crotch to his groin, Rod
looked around nervously for Sabah. He caught her eye
nearby and she winked.

Fortunately there was a break between songs and Rod was
able to slip from Agatha's ardent grasp. Although they
were not necessarily the most attractive women there, Rod
found himself asking one after another of Melanie's
friends to dance. The pattern with Agatha repeated
itself, indeed it got worse. Rod introduced himself with
the mumbled addendum and the woman practically went into
rut. Grace Witherspoon danced him into a corner and
dragged his hands down to her rather too-ample ass.
Marjory Simms groped his crotch, but Rod put it down to
the frustrations of widowhood. Darlene Gresham managed to
get Rod's hand into her blouse and Lord knows what would
have happened to her bra if another break in the music
hadn't rescued him.

When he finally stood before Melanie, she looked up at
him with a cold smile. "Why not Roddy? We'll dance, but
just because you're a pretty boy, don't expect me to come
onto you. I'm not an overage teenager like them." Melanie
tossed her head in contempt at her companions who were
now dancing like cats in heat with their delighted

"What's wrong with a man and wife having fun, Melanie?

Melanie gave a little gasp as Rod finished speaking.
"Er... nothing, I guess," she said and slid a little
closer into Rod's arms. True to her word, Melanie did not
throw herself at him as the other women had, but she
seemed to be in some sort of torment. The music had
picked up the tempo and Melanie was becoming visibly
excited as Rod turned and twirled her. She was double-
stepping the beat and flinging her arms into the air as
if in some sort of jungle frenzy. Soon perspiration had
soaked her silky blouse, revealing a bra straining to
contain Melanie's impressive superstructure.

When the set ended, Rod led a panting, fiery-eyed Melanie
back to the table where Sabah was now sitting with
Charles. Sabah seemed to be just finishing up something
she was whispering in Charles's ear when Sabah nudged
him. Looking up and shaking his head as if awaking from a
dream, Charles's eyes lit up as they fell on Melanie. It
was a Melanie he had not seen in a long time, if ever.
Her eyes were wide, her nostrils flared. Everything about
his wife screamed that she was hot and needed to be
fucked. It was a look Charles had longed for and he rose
and took her in his arms.

"Good work, baby. Want to see how good?" Sabah giggled as
she led Rod away from the pair who were starting to paw
one another. Suddenly Rod noticed the entire ballroom was
almost deserted. Most had left, having drifted home to
bed but not to sleep, he suspected. In a few corners
couples were making out, but it wasn't a few bared
breasts and hiked skirts Sabah wanted to show her mate.
Giggling softly she tugged him toward a lounge area.

To his shock Rod saw Melanie's entire set of friends -
but never like this! Agatha Chriswell was on her back,
her heals in the air, mewing and humping as the pudgy
Raymond Chriswell was fucking her like there was no
tomorrow. "Yes, Ray baby hard! I need it!... Harder...

Grace Witherspoon was also on her back, but was not so
happy. With both hands she had a death grip on the head
of a man - Rod was pretty sure it was Arthur Witherspoon
-- between her legs as she complained. "Keep it up, you
bastard! <grunt>. Oh, yes, like that. Work that tongue,
damn you! I need to get FUCKED, dammit. Uuuuh shit, how
much longer 'til that god-damned Viagra kicks in?"

Marjory Simms had no such problems. The too-thin red-head
was fully on board the cock of a grunting, heaving black
man that Rod recognized as the trombone player from the
band. "Oh, yeah baby. Give me more of that cock, you
animal! <gasp> Ooohhhhh, YES! So fucking BIG...
Uhhhhngggg... like that, right up in there where mamma's
pussy NEEDS it! <pant> I'm taking you home, honey. You're
gonna make me c...Aaaaiiiiieee!" the bouncing woman
squealed as she climaxed.

Darlene Gresham wasn't saying much; how could she? On her
knees, her face was in the crotch of an astounded waiter,
sucking him as if it was her first drink after crossing
the Sahara. Meanwhile, a very exercised Rutherford
Gresham had his hands on Darlene's upturned ass and was
pounding away vehemently at his wife's gushing pussy,
making her groan with each thrust.

"Take THAT, you bitch for never wearing miniskirts and
heels as I wanted you to, and THAT for always turning the
lights out!" he spat as he slammed into her again. "And
THAT for only doing it on weekends!" Rutherford was
obviously releasing a lot of long pent-up frustrations.
"And THAT." Rod winced at the force with which the
seemingly mild-mannered accountant was ramming his prick
into his whimpering wife's dripping cunt. "THAT's for
never letting me kiss and suck on those COW tits of yours
and THAT," Rod was afraid he was going to injure the
woman, "Is for never letting me eat this FUCKING HOT

Sabah tugged Rod's hand again to depart the mini-orgy. He
took a step toward the exit, but Sabah smiled and
motioned with her head back toward the ballroom. There on
the table where she had sat, was Melanie, moaning with
arousal, her knees bent and her drenched pussy open to
Charles rampant prick. Her husband was teasing her,
brushing her pussy lips, giving her tiny pokes that made
her squirm, running his rather impressive member up and
down his writhing wife's slit. They appeared to be
renegotiating their relationship.

"Yes, Charles, anything, baby! Just fuck me. ... God, I
need it so bad. No, I'll never refuse you again, promise,
I promise! Huh? No, not that!" Charles seemed to slow his
attack. "No, Charles! Please, baby, don't stop now. I
need to be FUUUCKED! All right, yes, Yes YES! Fuck me and
you can make me pregnant. What? Noooo ... oooh ...Yes!
Two, three, anything darling, as many babies as you want.
Keep me pregnant all the time, but FUUUK MEEEiiiiiieee!"

"Let's go, Love," Sabah almost growled. "I'm hungry!"

Perhaps she had planned it all along or perhaps the orgy
she had orchestrated triggered it, but Rod saw that Sabah
was about to Feed. "Hurry, darling! Get me home."

Sabah had been wild in the car, insisting that she drove
so Rod could use the front slit of her gown to eat her.
The car swayed each time he brought her to orgasm and he
prayed she would slow down. They arrived in record time
and alive, fortunately. Sabah had almost torn off her
clothes and his, getting him in bed. There was nothing
slow and romantic about THIS Feeding. Sabah TOOK him.
Screaming with passion she threw herself down on his cock
over and over. The sexual frenzy of her Feeding
communicated itself to Rod who humped back with almost
superhuman stamina. The scene appeared that of a she lion
devouring a gazelle, except this prey was larger than the
predator and it was doing everything possible to BE
devoured. Rod had blacked out at the height of their
simultaneous orgasm.

Yes, that had been one of the best ones, Rod mused,
waiting for Sabah to come in with breakfast -- she always
had a big breakfast for him the morning after a Feeding.
And enough time had passed for the results of Sabah's
prank to become evident. Within days of the ball, the
wardrobes of Agatha, Grace, Darlene, Marjory, and of
course Melanie had improved dramatically. The five women
organized a joint shopping trip to Tyson's Corner and
came back with two SUVs packed full of miniskirts, push-
up bras, almost-illegal blouses, fuck-me heels,
stockings, and an assortment of sleepwear guaranteed to
keep a husband, or in Marjory's case, a growing roster of
boyfriends, from sleeping. Arthur Witherspoon, Raymond
Chriswell, Rutherford Simms, and Charles Landsworth
couldn't believe their luck. Suddenly they had wives who
not only dressed like women during the day, they fucked
like minxes at night.

Grace, Agatha, and Darlene joined a local gym to loose a
few pounds. Summer was coming and they were licking their
lips at their husbands' reactions when they saw their
wives in string bikinis. Melanie joined, too, realizing
she needed strength training, as often as Charles was
fucking her. Marjory, on the other hand, wanted to put on
some weight. Her new fiancee, Jamal White, the Washington
Wizards' center forward, thought Marjory needed a few
more curves to complement her astounding libido.

The gym program hadn't lasted long, Rod chuckled, or at
least the exercise regime soon had to be changed. One by
one over the last month or so, each woman had started
showing off some very sexy new maternity dresses.

To be continued...

Comments please to:
Homer Vargas

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